Anniston Farm Cottages Green Policy

At Anniston we continually seeks to improve our environmental awareness by having our own wind generating station as well as mains electricity.

We have mains water as well as 20,000 litres of rainwater collected underground from every roof to use for flushing toilets , watering plants or animals.

Bedlinen and towels are washed with eco friendly products and wind and sun dried.

Paper used as part of the business is from recycled sources.

Advice for car less day trips for the family.

  • Where to find bike hire.
  • Where to find excellent farm food.
  • Where to go to find other sustainable businesses /attractions.
  • Where to walk.
  • Information on train and car journeys

Green Policy

  • We comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
  • We continually seek to improve our environmental and social awareness.
  • We reduce pollution, emissions and waste.
  • We encourage the reduction of the use of energy and water.
  • We generate 7.5 MW of electricity annually at Anniston Wind Generation Station
  • We collect rainwater for multi purposes
  • We encourage guests to use products in an environmentally sensitive way.

Visitor Charter

Conserve energy. Reduce energy by switching off lights and closing windows and doors if heating is on.

Give the car a rest. Leave the car behind if only for a walk or cycle.

Shop local. Use local produce.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Recycle any waste you have.

Be water wise. Be aware of your water use

Respect Nature Enjoy the great outdoors responsibly