Cottage Access Issues (with pictures)

This section covers any issues associated with access for disabled people, general access issues, parking, guide/helper dogs, and access for your own pets dogs.


Our doggy

Our favourite dog


Guide/helper dogs are welcome in all three cottages without charge.

Pet dogs are welcomed into Balla Sheilleanan Cottage or Bee Wall with a small charge.  Dogs may not be left unsupervised at Anniston.


The cottages have their own front door lighting then community lighting until 10pm.  There are no streetlights as it is in a rural setting.

Accessible bedroom in An Sabhal Fada Cottage (3 bedroom cottage) has a very large window with good natural light.

Window latch height is 142 cm.

Each bedroom has multi bulb ceiling lights with switches close to beds to switch off/on celing lights.

Bedside lamps are close to beds.

Room light switches are 1 metre from the floor.

The dining room light has a dimmer switch in An Sabhal Fada.

Stair wells are lit by a large velux window, multi bulb ceiling light and a plug in motion night light.


Accessible parking

Car parking is level either on gravel or hardstand. It is a few metres from the garden gate. If you need help to unload your vehicle, please let us know.

Access to An Sabhal Fada Cottage

The path to this three-bedroom cottage is 8.5 metres from car parking, slabbed either level or with a slight rise and fall.

There are NO steps from the car park to the front door.

There are NO steps at the front door.

There is a threshold bar of 3cm.

There is a double front door, which opens inward with hinges right and left of doorframe.

The front hall is carpeted with a wipe mat over it.

Access 3 Bedroom Cottage

The WC is accessed here with a door, which opens out hinged on the right hand side of the doorframe.

The WC floor is ceramic tiled. There is a door to the kitchen/lounge ahead which opens into the lounge; this is hinged on the left.

The carpet ends and the floor covering is laminate.

Worktops in this kitchen are 95cm and 76 cm in height. The space below the sink is removable. The hob height is 76cm the oven height is 95cm to oven centre.

Accessible bedroom ground floor

Single bed height is 50 cm.

Double bed height is 61 cm

Hanging rail has adjustable height fixings 145cm or 170cms from floor.

Room sockets are approx, 43 cm from the floor .

Access 2 Bedroom Cottage

Accessible wet room has support rails at toilet, wash hand basin and shower.

The ground floor double bedroom is carpeted.

The first floor twin room is accessed from stairs directly from the open plan lounge.

The stair has 14 steps.

Access to An Girneilear Cottage

The path to this two-bedroom cottage is five metres from car parking.

There is a threshold bar of 3cm.

There is a WC in the vestibule.

Balla Sheilleanan Cottage

access 1 bedroom cottage

There are NO steps from parking area to this one bedroom cottage.

Level access from garden path. Short route over slabs and gravel.

Longer route is slabbed all the way.

There is a threshold bar of 3cm.

There is a WC near the front door.

The bathroom is en suite to the bedroom and has shower over the bath.

Door handles in all cottages

All front door handles are lever style press down to open and pull up to multi lock.

Smoke alarms

Each cottage has audible smoke alarms throughout. If you have young children and adolescents please waken them before you leave the property. If you have someone in your party who has hearing difficulties, please waken them before you leave. If there is someone with mobility or sight issues please give guidance.